Infinity Investigations

Case file 000144
The Dead Awakes

Client: Matthew Richards

Case type: Missing Persons.

Details: The client is a commodities trader in NYC whose girlfriend has been missing for 8 days.

Payment: The usual fee, client has paid for a full month in advance.

Case commenced: 25/9/14 2:30 pm

Lead Investigator: Soul

Investigation: The client’s girlfriend, Naima Rihaldi, is a coroner working for the government who frequently is called to DC for “sensitive” autopsies. In the early hours of Thursday 18/9/14 she flies to DC for such a job. When he hasn’t heard from her for 24 hours he checks and finds she has disappeared, likely been abducted. She and her assistant, Sarah Jenkins, performed an autopsy on a John Doe in his 60’s and found a Civil War musket shot in his thigh bone. Jenkins took the lead shot to be analysed and when she returned Rihaldi and the body were missing. CCTV shows Rihaldi in the morgue as Jenkins leaves, then moments later the image is replaced with static for 5 minutes, when the image returns the morgue is empty.

Case file 000143
What the Night Knows

Client: John Calvino

Case type: Supernatural murder investigation.

Details: The client is an NYPD homicide detective who has asked the agency to investigate a brutal multiple homicide. He claims that in his adolescence his family was murdered by a serial killer whom he subsequently killed. He now claims that the killer has somehow returned and is performing a similar series of murders, or at least coercing others into performing them for him. He has accepted voluntary suspension due to his closeness to the case and because his captain thinks he may have lost his mind.

Payment: The usual fee, client has paid for a full month in advance.

Case commenced: 3/9/14 5:00pm

Lead Investigator: Soul

Investigation: The murders were committed by Billy Lucas, aged 14. He murdered his father, his mother, his sister and his maternal grandmother. The specific details of the murders are almost identical to the first family murdered by Alton Turner Blackwood. Blackwood was responsible for the deaths of the Calvino’s family when the Calvino was only 14. Calvino took his father’s revolver and shot Blackwood in the face and then unloaded the rest of the rounds also in Blackwood’s face.

Thursday 4/9/14
The full team investigated Billy Lucas’ home and found made anomalous discoveries. Soul thought he saw something move in a painting on the wall of the stairs, he also heard an unexplained ringing sound, although he later found 3 miniature silver calla lilies with tiny clappers that copied the ringing sound in Celine Lucas’ (Billy’s sister) room in a box marked Piper’s Gallery. Soul and Jakiro witnessed clocks in several rooms alternately displaying the correct time and then flashing a display of 12:00. Robert Lucas’ (Billy’s father) office contained a PC, upon which two files were found entitled “CALVINO1” and “CALVINO2”. The first contains images downloaded from an internet site devoted to serial killers and mass murderers, including Tom and Rachel Calvino, John’s parents, as well as Marnie and Giselle, his sisters. The second file contains five photos; one of John Calvino from a newspaper article about a citation for valour for him and his partner, Lionel Timmins, from two years previous; one of Nicolette Calvino, taken from the website of Lannermil Galleries, a fine-art dealer and primary representative of her work; the other three were of the John and Nicolette’s three children, Zach, Naomi and Minette, all taken at Minette’s sixth birthday party. Inside Billy’s room, Soul found Billy’s phone, it was ringing. Soul answered and after approximately fifteen seconds of silence a voice whispered “servus” and then hung up. Meanwhile, Dr. Shock and Jim canvassed the neighbours but found nothing of interest.

Friday 5/9/14
Soul visited Piper’s Gallery on 4th Avanue, East Village, Lower Manhatten and spoke to the proprietor, Miss Annalena Waters. She remembers selling the bells to Sandy Lucas, a frequent visitor to the shop. She said Billy was a “nice young man, who wouldn’t hurt a fly” but provided no further insight into the case.

Saturday 6/9/14 12:00 pm
Soul and Jakiro went to Kings Park Psychiatric Center on Long Island to meet with Billy Lucas. Unable to gain permission to see him, Jakiro teleported them directly into Billy’s room. He was restrained in his bed and seemed unconscious. Soul felt a powerful mental presence try to enter his mind but his reactions and mystical defenses stopped the assault and Jakiro teleported them outside again.

Saturday 6/9/14 21:00 pm
John Calvino phoned Soul and told him that he had just received a phone call from what he believed to be Billy Lucas, who said “Your sister Giselle had such lovely little training-bra breasts”, the same thing, word-for-word, that Alton Turner Blackwood said to Calvino moments before Calvino shot and killed him.

Case file 000142
Thor's Cleavage

Client: Helvetia Dronning

Case Type: Missing persons / stolen property retrieval

Details: Ms. Dronning entered the offices on Monday 1/9/14 at 10:00 am and asked that we find an individual who stole a priceless item of jewelry from her home in Las Vegas. The item, a pendant in the shape of a hammer, was stolen by a man known only as “Gofern”. He is described as being 5’ 4" tall with red hair, mutton-chops and a thick Irish accent. He is known to drink and carouse in the bars in and around Hell’s Kitchen.

Payment: 3 gold nuggets, later valued at $2,000 each.

Case commenced: 1/9/14 10:30 am
Case closed: 15/9/14 11:30am

Investigator: Jakiro

Investigation: After several nights watching several known haunts, the subject was spotted in Harry’s Bar in Hell’s Kitchen on Sunday 7/9/14 at 10:45 pm with a beautiful woman (as yet unknown). Jakiro was approached by the woman who he believes must have drugged him. When he awoke on what he believed to be the following morning, he discovered it was in fact Thursday 11/9/14. He traced his steps and eventually found “Gofern” again on Saturday 13/9/14 at 9:55 pm at The Pony Bar on 48th. This time he was not taking any chances, he saw the pendant around the suspect’s neck, grabbed it and teleported away with it. “Gofern” then began screaming in anger (or possibly fear) as he transformed into a short hairy “troll-like” humanoid. His protests did not last long however, as very soon after, a mystical portal opened, the client appeared and personally and physically man-handled the suspect off the floor and took him through the portal, which then closed behind her.

Completion: The client arrived at the office on the morning of Monday 15/9/14, signed off on the case and payed a bonus of another 3 gold nuggets, later valued at $2,000 each also.


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