Dr. Shock

Explorer in an energy body.


Dr. Shock

Strength 0
Agility 0
Intellect 10
Willpower 8
Edge/Hand 2/4

Calling: Explorer
Hindrance: Non-Corporeal

Skills: Physics, Energy Control, Electronics, Finance, Teaching

Body Transformation: (5) Semi-solid form, gaining Strength and Agility at power intensity.
Limit: Item – Must wear a power suit.

Electrical Control: (7) Fire bolts of electricity.
Stunt: Absorption – Absorb electricity, store it to boost powers for up to aura duration.

Life Drain: (4) Attack at striking distance to drain energy from a living target.

Life Support: (7) Survive indefinitely without needing food or water.

Power Amplification: (4) Raise the intensity of other beings’ superpowers at striking distance.

Gear: Power-suit



Dr. Shock

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