Jim Future

Aspiring robot


Jim Future

Strength 7
Agility 3
Intellect 6
Willpower 6
Edge/Hand 2/4

Calling: Vestige of Humanity
Hindrance: Naïve, Triggered Powerless

Skills: Computers, Robotics, Mechanics, Observation, Animal Handling

Computer Link: (10) Communicate with and retrieve information from computer systems.
Limit: Trance – Unable to react to events whilst using this power.
Stunt: Machine Animation –Cause a computer-controlled machine to move and perform actions.
Stunt: Mechanical Sensitive –

Repulsor: (10) Fire a blast of energy at firing distance.
Limit: Recoil – Knocked back with equal force to the blast.

Body Armour: (6) Reduce damage from any physical or force attack.
Limit: Ablative – Intensity reduced by 1 each time it is used. Resets at end of each scene.




Jim Future

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