Ancient guardian



Strength 6
Agility 6
Intellect 6
Willpower 6
Edge/Hand 3/5

Calling: Guardian
Hindrance: Frenzied, Not Human

Skills: Swords, Garrottes, Acrobatics, Thievery, History, Mythology, Intimidation, Observation

Immortality: (10) Doesn’t age, take damage and injuries as normal and heal as usual, but at no cards will remain inert indefinitely.

Darkforce Control: (15) Summon and manipulate the extra-dimensional energy known as Darkforce. Power intensity damage, opponents use Willpower to defend.
Limit: Not usable on ‘villagers’.
Stunt: Darkforce weapons.

Phasing: (6) Transform into smoke allowing passage through barriers and avoid attacks.
Limit: No solid or air-tight objects.
Stunt: Resistance to physical and kinetic attacks.

Gear: Garrotte, sunglasses, pay-as-you-go mobile phone.



Created by a tribal shaman around 10,000 BC, crafted as a guardian, the spirit of twilight, to defend a village. He successfully guarded the village against natural threats for eleven generations until the original shaman’s family failed and he felt great pain with the passing of the last of the line, as the eleven Jioni stones that brought him into being were destroyed without a shaman to control them. The next thing he knew, he awoke to see the slaughter of his village by a neighbouring tribe. He attacked the enemy tribe and mercilessly killed them all. When his rage ended he realised he had stepped outside the bounds of his normal guardianship and was no longer bound to a location. He tried to follow the last few survivors but over the centuries as they migrated and spread this became more difficult.
He wandered Egypt until 1200 BC, India until Alexander the Great in 300 BC, Alexandria until its sacking in 270 AD, Europe during medieval times, Spain from 1400 to the discovery of the Americas and there ever since.
In 2014 he sensed a “villager” in danger, by the name of Ellie Ealing, a law student and secretary at Infinity Investigations. It turned out her brother Jethro had built up some gambling debts from a loan shark in the employ of the Kingpin himself. The loan shark had threatened to hurt Ellie if Jethro didn’t pay up. Dr. Shock, the owner of Infinity Investigations paid the debt and offered to employ Jiani at the agency.


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