Infinity Investigations

Case file 000144

The Dead Awakes

Client: Matthew Richards

Case type: Missing Persons.

Details: The client is a commodities trader in NYC whose girlfriend has been missing for 8 days.

Payment: The usual fee, client has paid for a full month in advance.

Case commenced: 25/9/14 2:30 pm

Lead Investigator: Soul

Investigation: The client’s girlfriend, Naima Rihaldi, is a coroner working for the government who frequently is called to DC for “sensitive” autopsies. In the early hours of Thursday 18/9/14 she flies to DC for such a job. When he hasn’t heard from her for 24 hours he checks and finds she has disappeared, likely been abducted. She and her assistant, Sarah Jenkins, performed an autopsy on a John Doe in his 60’s and found a Civil War musket shot in his thigh bone. Jenkins took the lead shot to be analysed and when she returned Rihaldi and the body were missing. CCTV shows Rihaldi in the morgue as Jenkins leaves, then moments later the image is replaced with static for 5 minutes, when the image returns the morgue is empty.



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